Media Connections

Media Connections

Surveys show that in urban cities and communities, a new generation of community engagement is emerging and we must tap into it using the latest communication tools. Appreciation Sunday is one of the new emerging tools for connecting and engaging.

Since technology is the mother of change, may tools now exist for connecting with the message of “Appreciation Sunday” in the community. Use technology to stay in touch and connected outside the walls of the church.

We have at our disposal the following media tools to keep the community updated and informed of the next “Appreciation Sunday” recognition ceremony in the local church:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Various apps are available to assist us “staying in touch”
  • A variety of apps are available to access the latest community news

What is to be Promoted to the News Media?

  • Media: 9-11 Sunday “Community Appreciation Recognition” date to be advertised early
  • Community awareness: The goal is to assist the local pastor and leaders of the church
  • to interact with the community help agencies, and support them by special recognition
  • awards.

The program is designed to connect the church with significant government and volunteer agencies in the community.

  • Implement an effective link with the community

  • Emphasize community interpersonal relationship

  • Form an engaging, positive presence with the community

  • Promote meeting needs in the community

  • Become connected partners with help agencies in the community

  • Promote friends, families and agencies coming together, face to face and connecting

  • Use social media to its fullest/ Facebook to communicate with the community etc.