Praise Reports And Testimonies

Praise Reports And Testimonies

Please Tell Us About YOUR Appreciation Sunday Service!

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  1. Pastor Doug Joseph

    Our Appreciation Sunday was a stellar success. We had a capacity crowd — an even larger crowd than we had on Easter.

    Our parking lot is our limiting factor. We had cars parked on the grass and the parking lot totally filled. We had 33 first time guests, probably the most we have ever had for any event. They were touched by Holy Ghost anointed worship, music, and preaching. Of the 42 people we honored, 21 were among the first time guests.

    Elected officials at all levels were invited to the event.   This event was aired by two TV news stations.

    Reply February 21, 2017
  2. Bishop Micheal Mitchell

    Appreciation Sunday at New Life Tabernacle, Brooklyn was truly successful.  We honored a total of 71 First Responders (The Police, Firefighters, and Emergency Management Technicians).  The service started with the National Anthem. New Life Tabernacle Sanctuary choir ushered us into the presence of the Lord. Bishop and First Lady Mitchell along with local elected officials made presentations to all the Honorees.

    Rev. Douglas Klinedinst delivered the message of Salvation. All honorees went to the altar to be prayed for; this was truly a life changing service for the honorees and their families.


    Reply February 21, 2017
  3. Ron Phillips

    First UPC, Cookeville, TN:

    Sept. 11, 2016

    30 First Responders attended, including our Chief of Police and Sheriff. Also, four other elected officials attended, including our County Executive and the mayor of an adjoining town. 75 first-time guests.

    Reply September 20, 2016
  4. Debbie Goff

    We honored the fire department, police department, and mayor's office and gave them baskets with anointed cloths and handwritten prayers. Mayor Wallace spoke at our service and Fire Chief Falese and his team came as well. We explained Apostolic prayer power during the course of the presenation, and concluded with praying for them. It was an incredible time! God's presence was there in a mighty way! 

    We have lots of great pictures but your comment box doesn't seem to allow us to easily share. Here is a link to a couple of FB posts: 

    Reply September 17, 2016
  5. Gary L Randol

    We had a wonderful Appreciation Sunday. Five cities represented, including the mayor of our city. 2 baptized and a great response. 

    Reply September 15, 2016

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