The Mission

To fulfill the great commission, the apostolic church must purposely design and implement strategic programs that will positively impact the community and build relationships for the glory of God.  One such program is the implementation of our Appreciation Sunday.

Our first coordinated effort was the launch of our nationwide First Responders Appreciation Day in 2016, which included The Police, Firefighters, and Emergency Management Technicians. This event was remarkably successful for our churches who participated in implementing this program. Honorees brought along with them family members, colleagues, friends and neighbors to share in their celebration on that iconic day.  In 2017, we hosted Educators Appreciation Day.  This was another remarkable event. 

Can you imagine if every United Pentecostal Churches (UPC) of North America would collaborate and honor a select group of individuals within the community to which the local church resides? This could potentially advance the growth of the local churches, the district and the organization at large; resulting in repeat visitors, new converts, and ultimately new members added to the church while building relationships and bridging the gap.


Honoring Healthcare Providers in 2018

The United Pentecostal Church of North America would like to build upon the success of 2016 and 2017.  In 2018, several outstanding Healthcare providers will be honored for their invaluable contributions in impacting the lives of their patients and providing quality care to millions. 

Healthcare providers will include anyone in the healthcare profession, such as: a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, or a clinical social worker who is authorized to practice by the State.

Despite the challenges our healthcare providers face in patient care, these men and women have have extended themselves beyond the call of their duties to save lives, provide quality care in our communities and demonstrate commitment to patient safety. 

Healthcare providers will be nominated by their chief of staff or superiors or identified by a patient to whom they have cared for and have impacted their life.

Let us take up the challenge by our General Superintendent Bishop David K. Benard who appeals to each church to participate in this strategic endeavor and show appreciation to healthcare providers nationwide. 


Listed below are past and proposed “Appreciation Sunday:”

Year Category of Honorees
2016 First Responders
2017 Educators
2018 Healthcare Providers
2019 Outstanding Student of the Year
Military Professionals
2021 Entrepreneurs/Business Leaders
2022 Transit Workers
2023 Postal Workers
2024 Sanitation Workers
2025 TBD


The primary focus of these events is to give churches a clear evangelistic strategy for the next nine years. This proposal is based on a six-month plan and to be launched around the first or second week in September of each year.

With fervency in prayer and careful implementation of the strategy, we can prevail. The possibilities are endless. The harvest is ripe. The time is now. Let us cease the moment.