The Plan

To effectively host this Appreciation Sunday, we need to purposefully execute and implement a comprehensive plan of action with fervency in prayer. Based on the schedule of the Healthcare Providers, the Governor and Mayor, business associates and honorees, let’s consider a six-month plan:

Month 1

Firstly, the Pastors of each church would convene a meeting with their staff and key leaders to cast the vision in honoring 10-50 healthcare providers. This would be followed by a meeting with the congregation.

Secondly, the Pastors would then put together a committee and identify a chairperson to lead and oversee the Appreciation Sunday, set the criteria and garner names of individuals who would be honored. The pastors would first solicit names of individuals to be honored from the congregation.

Thirdly, once the committee is formed and the date for the event is established, the chairperson would appropriately devise a strategy and write a letter of intent (see addendum – addendum 1) to include a requested meeting with the Board/Chief of Staff of the respective hospital. This meeting would be to introduce the vision and solicit names of individuals to be honored.

Finally, the committee would then discuss fund raising ideas to facilitate the event.

Month 2

Upon receiving the names of prospective honorees, an invitation letter would be sent from the church to the respective individual. (see addendum for sample letter – addendum 2).

Month 3

The Steering Committee meets again in preparation for the day of honor. At this meeting, it should be clear of the total numbers obtained to be honored. Upon receiving acknowledgement from the prospective honorees accepting the invitation to attend the Appreciation Service, a letter of confirmation would then be forwarded to each respective individual (see sample letter in addendum – addendum 3).

Can you envision the impact this day of honor with visitors, potential converts and membership growth overtime will have on the church and the community at large?

For such reasons, urban evangelism is effective. As the church honors these special individuals, the impact on church growth overtime, will exponentially increase as the medium of honoring is utilized as an evangelistic tool over the next ten years. Pastors will have the continued added benefit—the opportunity to preach the message of salvation.

As the meetings progress, a decision is made on the type of presentation, awards and style of fellowship to be held immediately after the service. Consideration should be given to cost, wording, Proclamation/Citation from all three offices: the Governor, Mayor and Board/Chief of Staff. Additionally, solicit participation from politicians/public figures, key business leaders and the community affairs officer representing citizens and business owners. A letter should be sent to the aforementioned offices (see sample letter in addendum – addendum 4).

Following this meeting, the Chairman or assigned committee member should call the media network, followed by a letter of intent and seeking assistance in promotion which will result in widespread visibility.

Month 4

Based on belief and conviction, the church need to utilize any form of communication/promotion to advertise and garner support for the event.

Month 5

The Pastor convenes a meeting with the congregation to inform the church of the progress thus far. Topics highlighted will include, but not limited to: total number of confirmed honorees. Further, he will encourage the congregation to spread the word and elaborate on the potential of more than 100 visitors attending the service, if only 10 honorees are selected.

Month 6 – Evaluation

In the pastor’s final meeting, he will review and conduct an assessment to ensure everything is in place. For example, awards are picked up, ushers and hostesses assigned, dress code confirmed, and dignitaries along with honorees seating arranged.

Day of Event

All key leadership: usher, hostess, security and committee members will be in their respective place one hour before the service is scheduled to begin.

Guests will be seated at 15-30 minutes prior to the service start time, or as they arrive.

  1. A follow-up information card will be given to each person that enters (usher’s responsibility).
  2. Names of honorees and dignitaries placed on seats.
  3. Five to ten seats reserved for each officers’ family, friends and associates depending on seating capacity.
  4. Seating for family members and friends reserved on the opposite side of seating for the honorees (based on the layout arrangement in church).
  5. Fellowship immediately after the service to meet and greet with honorees, families and friends. Based on budget, this is a sit down meal or finger food.
  6. The Pastor acknowledges the committee and other responsible members.